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The Scoop

SIYBO.com is one of the only internet sites that tells you how to sell your home.  We go through the process with you, step by step. Giving you the tools and all of the information you need to sell your home. We give you the scoop.

Listing your home on SIYBO.com is easy. Quick as 1 2 3. First, choose your deal and then follow the step by step process to get your home sold. Once you are ready to list your home on our site you will post your photos and follow the other steps such as marketing, open house, preparing before you get a contract, negotiating the deal and getting to closing (just to mention a few).  If you already have sold a home and you know the scoop just list your home and order what you decide you need.  You’re in control. You choose. You save.

Most FSBO sites are flat fee sites. Flat fee meaning, you pay upfront one flat fee.  Not SIYBO.com, we are an ale-carte service that puts the power in your hands. We allow you to choose the services you want, pay for what you want and when your done, simply quit paying. Once you have subscribed we make it easy for you to unsubscribe. 

Get ready, take the first step and your on your way to SOLD.


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