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Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that we have put together to assist you. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.





Can I announce that I am holding an open house on my listing?
Can I choose which tools I would like to purchase or are all of the tools required for me to purchase them?
Can I post a virtual tour to my listing?
Can I see how many people have viewed my home?
Can I update my photos or edit my photos for my listing?
Do I have to offer a co-op commission?
Does your site offer Forms for my state?
How do I edit or modify my listing on SIYBO.com?
How do I remove my listing if I sell or discontinue to use the site?
I had an out of country buyer contact me, how do I know if this is a scam?
I have questions, who do I contact?
If I am going through the step by step process and it is not time for my property to be active, can I wait to list my home?
Is my information kept private?
What about Fair Housing Guidelines.
What if I forgot my username or password?
What information do I need from a buyer to set a showing?
What kind of attachments would I add to my property listing?
Who will people call to set a showing on my home?
Why should I consider selling my own home?
Why should I sell my own home?
Will I be notified if my subscription expires?
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